lynda_playlistGreetings, Georgians! I’m Julia Huprich, head of digital services and communications at the Cobb County Public Library System, and today I’ve invaded GLEAN Magazine to share with you some of my favorite training resources for libraries. (I hate to use the word “training” – I think of it more as lifelong learning.)

  1. GLEAN. Seriously, this is one of the best resources we have access to. It’s amazing. In Cobb, we’re always finding new and different ways we can use GLEAN. If you haven’t checked it out, you’re missing out on millions* of classes, ebooks, and other resources!  (*I may be exaggerating a bit.) What are you learning in GLEAN this week? I’m reading the book “The Kindness Revolution: The Company-Wide Culture Shift that Inspires Phenomenal Customer Service.”
  2. Lynda. Ok, so technically this is part of GLEAN, but it deserves another mention here. If you’re looking for bite-sized overviews on tech topics or in-depth tutorials on software, programming, graphic design, and more, this is a great resource!! Just to give you an idea of what’s on my playlist (photo attached), here’s a snippet from my account. I could watch a video a day and I’d never be able to learn everything I wanted to.
  3. Vendors. This is a resource that I didn’t use to its full potential until recently. When I needed to share information about a new product or service that we were rolling out, I would often overlook the fact that most vendors already provide user training guides and create my own. This, my friends, was a total waste of my time. OverDrive, Gale, Ebsco… all of your favorite vendors actually have the curriculum for the training classes available. If you get a new product or service, be sure to ask the vendor if they already have a training curriculum developed. If they don’t, most of the time they’ll be able to put one together for you. In Cobb, we keep a running list of vendor webinars and canned learning sessions so that we can refer back to it later.
  4. Again, this is a resource that I come back to over and over again. This website is developed and maintained by the Goodwill Community Foundation and is available for the community to use. They have an active social media community as well and they’re always happy to hear when libraries are using their curricula to teach classes. There are hundreds of classes available – on topics from internet safety to Excel 2013 to how to use a vending machine.
  5. You. That’s right. Each and every day I learn something new from you, my library colleagues. Whether I’m learning at a formal conference presentation, lurking on the distribution lists, or chatting at random library events, I learn so many things from the incredibly smart and talented people in our field.


What have I left out? What are your favorite training tools? I’d love to hear from you – and I’d love to steal your great training resources!