It’s free! (But just for you)

As an active member of GLEAN you can request access to, one of the world’s most popular e-learning websites with over 3,000 video courses, and new courses being added every single week. And you know what’s better than having access to thousands of courses? Getting it for free rather than the usual subscription cost of $25/month (That’s more than double the price of Netflix).

And when you first log in and take a look around, you’ll quickly see where that subscription fee is going. is sleek, accessible and easy to navigate with features you just don’t find on free websites.

There’s something for you (Yes, you)

Doesn’t it seem like it’s always the “techy” sort of people that talks about these things like GLEAN and It’s probably filled with things of no use to anyone else like SQL databases, JavaScript development and Linux right?


Well, mostly wrong. It does have all those things but it also has so much more I can comfortably guarantee that there is something for you.

Have you been wondering how to deal with a patron who fights you tooth and nail over things you have no control over? Try a search for Customer Service courses.

Are you drawing a blank on programming ideas? Try a crash course on Photography, or filmmaking and pass what you learn on to the community.

Do you run great programs but have trouble getting people in the door? Learn how to market them or develop a social media strategy.

Tired of people falling asleep during your presentations? Learn how to spice them up with Prezi, or PowerPoint.

Is that Patron from the first question back again? Try another course on Customer Service.

You can tailor your own learning experience.

Remember in school when you started daydreaming because the teacher was going on and on about something completely obvious? Or worse, when the teacher raced through a lesson while you were completely lost and the rest of the class was just nodding along? And there was never time to just go back over it one more time. Personally this was one of my biggest hurdles in school, and why there were subjects I was just plain scared of.

One of the best parts of online learning is that every course is completely self-paced. You can take a course as many times as you want until you feel you’ve mastered it, and you can pause or back track at any time. Or maybe you’re the exact opposite, you pick things up quickly and sometimes classes and training just seem to go at a snail’s pace. If that’s the case you can fast-forward through the parts you already know, or even skip sections entirely.

Many courses even include transcripts of their videos, so you can pause the video and just read while you figure it out, or even read ahead and decide that you can safely move on to the next video without missing anything. Odds are you fall somewhere in the middle, which means you can skip through the parts you already know or slow down on the ones that give you trouble. It’s really not until you can truly take things at your own pace that you realize what a difference it makes.

Still not convinced? How about this; the next time you find yourself thinking “I wish I knew how to use…”, or “I’ll have to wait and ask someone how to do that.”  Or even “Is there a better way to do this?” take five minutes to hop on (Or GLEAN) and see what you find.


  1. I’m a big Lynda fan too. We’re very lucky to have free access to such a great resource. I really enjoy the video transcripts in some classes, as it gives you multiple ways to absorb the information.

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