Google, my Google.

My dad always told me growing up that “you learn something new every day”—well, as I’ve grown older I definitely believe that to be true.  I think quite a few of you have heard our experience with the Google boxes, the issues and the resolutions to those issues.  We no longer panic when asked by a patron how to change the margins on an item they want printed, or where can they find the Microsoft Word program—now, we just show them how to adjust the margins and introduce them to Zoho Docs.  What used to seem like a big deal has now become a routine part of our everyday life.

However, we must never forget that old adage of Murphy’s law—anything that can go wrong will go wrong.  I just happen to have had one of those experiences recently when I was at one of our branches updating software and we experienced a brief “blip” in the power.  In a matter of a few seconds the lights and power were restored, however there were three of our Google boxes that seemed to have perished—at least according to the patrons that were using them.  Now, I have actually dealt with this problem before but all that required of me was to push the power button and voilà! the little blue light indicating life appeared, the Google box awakened, the opening screen appeared and we were ready for business once again!  Not so the case that Wednesday—I tried to coax the Google boxes to wake up and they gave me a resounding—“Nay, nay!”  Not to be outdone, I checked the power strip, unplugged the machine, waited a few minutes and plugged them in again—still no response.  I still had things to work on at the branch, so I figured I would just check them again before I left.  After trying to bring them back to life once more, I was again met with the stubbornness of a two-year-old child—they weren’t budging.

When all else fails, ask the expert.  Since I had no luck in getting the Google boxes to power up, I shot Daniel at GPLS an email seeking guidance.  He advised me to unplug them and leave them unplugged for a few hours or if possible overnight.  I passed this advice along to the branch manager and hoped for the best.  I anxiously awaited her response the next morning and was happily informed they had decided that life was worth living after all and all were up and running!  Needless to say, it was another learning experience with a new tip to add to my notes and just another day in library paradise.